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AMP to hold open house prior to hearing
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The Atlanta Motorsports Park will be opening its gates to the public this Saturday for those wishing to come hear its infamous go-karts, cars and PA system prior to the Dawsonville city council hearing on May 15.

The 7 p.m. hearing will be focused on amendments to the park's zoning stipulations that owner Jeremy Porter has been trying to have approved since January.

The requested amendments include the addition of lights to the park's go-kart track, an extension of the hours that the karts will be operated, the addition of a PA system and would lift some noise restrictions in the park on 15 days each year.

The request was tabled by the city planning commission and recommended for approval after the second meeting. The city council too heard the application, but tabled a decision until a later date with a later meeting time so that more people could attend.

Incensed neighbors of the park were present at every meeting to speak about the disruption that they say noise from the park creates.

The open house will be a chance for the city council members and any member of the public to hear firsthand the noise that nearby residents have been complaining about.

The open house will be held from 9 a.m. to close. The Atlanta Motorsports Park is located at 20 Duck Thurmond Rd., or 80 Joe Lane Cox Rd., in Dawsonville.