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12 volunteer fire support staff resign from Fire Station No. 8
Feud over water tank was catalyst, Dawson officials say
Emergency Services
The future of Fire Station No. 8 on Burnt Mountain is uncertain after 12 volunteer support firefighters turned in their resignation last week after refusing to attend a Dawson County training session, throwing a wrench in a so far successful intergovernmental agreement between Pickens and Dawson counties. The intergovernmental agreement, or IGA, was signed in December 2008 and established that Pickens County would build the station on Monument Road while Dawson County would provide equipment and assume operation of the station, including training the volunteers. Dawson County Emergency Services Chief Danny Thompson held a mandatory training session for the station on Dec. 4, but reported only one of the 13 support staff assigned to the station attended. Lt. John Tarantini, the head of the volunteers on Burnt Mountain, wrote in an email to Thompson the morning of Dec. 4 that the volunteers would instead be attending a Pickens County training class in a couple of weeks.