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New Dawson County restaurant to offer fast sandwiches with inventive twist
Big Reds 1
Big Red’s Biscuits and Deli off Ga. 400 in Dawson County will serve breakfast biscuits, homemade donuts and cinnamon rolls, hot and cold subs, and a rotating selection of soups and salads, all invented by local restaurateur Greg Stotler. - photo by Erica Jones

A new kind of restaurant is coming to Dawson County. 

Big Reds 2
Local man Greg Stotler is set to open a new restaurant in Dawson County in mid-May of 2021, Big Red’s Biscuits and Deli. According to Stotler, the restaurant will specialize in all kinds of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. - photo by Erica Jones

With promises of fast service, premium ingredients and inventive recipes, Big Red's Biscuits and Deli hopes to serve sub-shop classics with a new twist, thanks to local restaurateur Greg Stotler. 

Speaking to the Dawson County News from his nearly renovated restaurant off Ga. 400 this week, Stotler said that after working as a food service industry professional for 17 years, his life came crashing down when the COVID-19 pandemic stuck. 

But instead of turning into a tragedy, Stotler said that losing his job was just the push he needed to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening his own restaurant. 

And like that, Big Red’s Biscuits and Deli was born — a fast-casual sandwich shop, with good fresh food. 

"I’ve been living in Dawsonville for six years now and the growth has been off the charts. Seeing every restaurant in the county packed out every night I was like, ‘I’ve always kind of wanted to do it but I always imagined full service,’” he said. “But the more I got to thinking about it, I sat down with the wife, we kind of hammered out this concept and we decided to have a go at it.” 

The biggest thing they wanted to accomplish with Big Red's, according to Stotler, was to bring something totally new to the community. And with that, they decided to leverage the advantages of their space, a renovated building at the intersection of Ga. 400 and Hwy. 53 that was once home to a Taco Bell. 

“I was thinking about subs and how nobody does it in a drive-through — Subway, Firehouse, Blimpie, nobody has a drive-through and I thought that was odd,” Stotler said. “I thought it does take them a minute to build the sandwich and then thought, ‘okay well what if I simplify it? My sandwiches come one way and if you wanna customize it a little bit you can.’”

The restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch, and will focus on different types of sandwiches, ranging from breakfast biscuits to deli-style hot or cold subs. Stotler said that his menu will be something totally new for the community, taking familiar classic sub sandwiches and giving them his own twist, all with high-quality ingredients. 

“I’ve trained under three-star chefs, and worked with and under chefs my whole career, so I wanted to bring the familiar with a little bit of pizzazz,” Stotler said. “So I’m using really high-end cheeses and meats, we’re gonna go with Boar’s Head meats, instead of your standard cheeses I’m bringing Havarti and gruyere, and a whole grain mustard instead of yellow hotdog mustard.” 

While he’ll be serving standard crowd favorites like Philly cheesesteaks and Italian-style subs, Stotler will also be serving his own unique creations. 

“One of my signature hot sandwiches is gonna be the ‘Thanksgiving on a Roll’ which is gonna be turkey, bacon, caramelized onion, Havarti, celery salt, cranberry mayonnaise, so it’s gonna be a good one,” Stotler said. “I’m also gonna have the TBA — the turkey, bacon, avocado. Avocado is gonna be a big player because it’s just red hot right now and it’s just so good.” 

Another unique item on Big Red’s menu will be his line of freshly made donuts and cinnamon rolls.

“I’ll be doing very unique donuts so I’ll have the standard players but also I’ll have a stuffed donut line,” Stotler said. “I’ve got a banana pudding stuffed donut coming, a chocolate fudge brownie stuffed donut, and then I’ve got donut holes that are also stuffed with filling.” 

The new restaurant will also offer a rotating selection of soups and salads, and all the biscuits and bread Stotler serves will be freshly baked each morning. 

Big Red’s Biscuits and Deli will be located at 41 Big Horn Drive, near the intersection of Ga. 400 and Hwy. 53. 

Stotler has been renovating the space since February but hopes to officially open the restaurant around the second week in May. 

“The feedback I’ve already gotten has been tremendous,” Stotler said. “I thought this was something that Dawsonville could use and it’s gonna be amazing.”