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Kitchen inspections: May 18-June 1
Restaurant scores
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Fast-food and locally-based businesses alike were included in Dawson County’s latest round of restaurant inspections.

The Dawson County Environmental Health Department conducted routine health inspections on the following establishments from May 18-June 2, 2023. 

Restaurants are given a letter grade that coincides with a percentile: “A” (90-100), “B” (80-89), “C” (70-79), “U” (69 and below).

A searchable list of food service scores is available through the Georgia Department of Public Health’s health inspections webpage at

Restaurant rules are available at Health scores are listed below as of press deadline. 

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June 1

Sweet Charlie’s Rolled Ice Cream

Location: 391 Quill Drive. Ste. 110, Dawsonville

Score: 96

Big Red’s Biscuits and Deli

Location: 41 Big Horn Dr., Dawsonville

Score: 96

Grandma’s NY Pizza

Location: 12 Dawson Market Way Ste. 180, Dawsonville

Score: 95

Ruby’s Recipes

Location: 10 Ted Chester St., Dawsonville

Score: 70

May 25

Burger & Shake no. 8

Location: 66 S. 400 Center Ln. Ste. 175, Dawsonville

Score: 91

May 24

Bojangle’s no. 845

Location: 25 Main St., Dawsonville

Score: 96

Bojangle’s no. 2021

Location: 326 S. 400 Center Ln. Ste. 175, Dawsonville

Score: 94

May 23

Fajita Grill

Location: 14 Malala Dr., Dawsonville

Score: 88

May 20

Rio’s Italian Ice LLC 

Location: 800 Ga. 400 Center Ste. 435, Dawsonville

Score: 96

May 19

IGY6 Coffee Company

Location: 405 Flowing Trl., Dawsonville

Score: 100

Culver’s of Dawsonville

Location: 252 S. 400 Center Ln., Dawsonville

Score: 100

May 18

Miller’s Ale House

Location: 84 Duval Rd., Dawsonville

Score: 100