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Trying to explain life’s challenges to someone with icing on their face not easy
Dick Yarbrough
I sat down recently for a chat with my twin great-granddaughters, Hadley Ann Yarbrough and Harper Grace Yarbrough, on the occasion of their first birthday. I thought this would be a good time to share some of my life experiences and to gain some perspective on what their generation is thinking about the world in which they find themselves. The conversation was delayed briefly while they smeared birthday cake icing on their faces and chewed on their presents, some of which were not intended to be chewable but, hey, that’s the younger generation for you. After a few spit-ups and a couple of poops, the twins were ready to get down to business. I wanted to take it slow. As brilliant as these two seem to be, it is obvious they have much work to do before they master the English language. This is a challenge they share with their great-grandfather, who is still grappling with who-vs-whom and that “I-before-E” stuff.