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Where does Socialism begin?
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Socialism is defined by Webster as a “system based on government control of the production and distribution of goods and services.” For the last eight months we have seen the federal government move toward control of the banking, automotive and healthcare industries.  


We have seen an automotive executive fired and government intervention into production and distribution through the “cash- for-clunkers” bail-out.


Now, we have healthcare reform with article after article either for or against it with only bits and pieces being discussed. In fact, it seems that controversial portions change from day-to-day, e.g., the “government option” and the “end of life guidance.”  


While I personally don’t believe in bail-outs, I find the cash-for-clunkers more satisfying than the bail-outs of the banks. At least with the clunkers off the roads, some people will be getting better gas mileage, the automotive industry will recall workers and up their production, and even the banks will benefit from the required loans. 


Sounds good doesn’t it?  Don’t be misled.  


Last week I talked with several dealers, including John Megel, and I want to thank him for providing me with the opportunity to research cash-for-clunkers.  I also want to thank Senator Johnny Isakson’s and Congressman Nathan Deal’s offices for providing information and agreeing to contact the Federal Department of Transportation about our problem.


What problem?  “Clunkers” started in July with the understanding that dealers would be reimbursed within 10 days of a sale. It is now a month later and 80 percent of Georgia dealers have not seen any federal money. In the meantime, dealers have to get bank loans to cover their shortfall while waiting for DOT reimbursement. Who is paying the interest on these loans? It certainly isn’t the DOT.


Do we really want the Federal Government running our healthcare system?  


Two weeks ago I listened to Congressmen Deal and Gingrey speak in Gainesville on Healthcare Reform. The bottom line is we can’t afford it. The Congressional Budget Office reported that enacting HR 3200 would cause 4.7 million people to lose jobs, including non-tech workers and those near minimum wage.


The federal government would define “adequate medical coverage” and require all employers with a payroll of $500K or more to insure all employees. 


Rep. Amos Amerson can be reached at (706) 864-6589 or e-mail