BREAKING: Early-morning house fire one of two tamed by Dawson County crews in the past 24 hours
One Dawson County man is safe due to the quick-thinking actions of a neighbor who noticed an early-morning fire at a nearby home Thursday.
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The demise of bin Laden
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While we can all now breathe a short sigh of relief with the demise of Osama bin Laden the truth remains that all too frequently mankind generates these types of disturbed individuals.


From Genghis Khan to Hitler to bin Laden, individuals that spark hatred and death surface with unfortunate frequency and will probably surface yet again.


Some desperate child, enraged teenager or oppressed adult will emerge intent on repeating the travesties seen over and over throughout the history of mankind.


While we marvel and should rightfully be proud of our military’s abilities to eliminate bin Laden, the military solution even when used in a preemptive posture is still a reaction to some individual that has brought harm and death to civilized people.


Whether by the edge of a sword, in a gas chamber or as a result of the deliberate collapse of a massive steel skyscraper, innocent humans die as a result of these sick individuals. The military is then forced to react.


Now is a time to have even greater pride in our military, but at what point do we as part of the human race, as leaders of the free world and as God loving people turn our resources and focus on the root causes that generate such evil people in our global society?


When will we look to end the problems that produce such dangerous individuals in the first place?


Until we figure out why our society produces such deranged individuals and how to make the world equal for all of God’s children, we will time and time again have to send our military into harm’s way to end the life of yet another tyrant that has already taken the lives of the innocent many. Osama bin Laden is finally gone. Now we should work to prevent such tyrants from ever appearing again?



Charlie Auvermann

Dawson County