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Taxpayers return of real property
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Any property owner in the state of Georgia may file a “Taxpayer’s Return of Real Property.” If one feels the tax evaluation of their property the previous year is incorrect.


This is accomplished by filing a PT-50R between the dates of Jan. 2 and April 1, 2011. Under the column on this form “current year information” the property owner places the present value they feel the property is worth. By doing this the burden of proof is shifted from the taxpayer to the tax assessor.


Your assessment will then be reviewed by the board of assessors and passed on to the board of equalization. Then you will receive a notice of an appointed time to appear before the board of equalization. If you disagree with the assessment after this you are entitled to request and receive a trial by jury within 45 days.


You will have to pay the filing fee to the clerk of court to obtain the trial.


You may download the PT-50R from the Forsyth County Tax Assessor’s Office or the Cherokee County Tax Assessor’s Office Web site. Dawson County Tax Assessor’s Office does not provide the service.


Remember, all tax assessors are required to assess the property at fair and equal value. Fair and equal value means: “What a willing buyer will pay and what a willing seller will accept.”


Hugh Stowers Jr.