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Roundabout is a good thing
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I have read with interest the news item-"GDOT seeks solutions" in your issue of Feb. 17, in which the Georgia Department of Transportation is requesting comments from the public to their proposal for replacing the stop sign with a roundabout on the intersection of Highways 52 and 183 in Dawsonville to reduce the chances of accidents and making the intersection easier to go through.

I have been living in Dawsonville since 2001 and have seen two intersections on Hopewell Road replaced with roundabouts, and can say with confidence that they have made those intersections much safer and easier to pass through without wasting time.

Although I have hardly used the above intersection, maybe a few times in the last 15 years, I give my thumbs up for this proposal.

I have another suggestion that GDOT may put in their next year's budget about a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy. 53 and Lumpkin Campground Road in Dawsonville.

Due to an increase in traffic making a left turn on Hwy. 53 going south on Lumpkin Campground, I sometimes have to wait for two traffic lights to pass that intersection going across it to hit GA 400 to go to Dahlonega, as I teach at the University of North Georgia.

With the construction going on at GA 400 and Hwy. 53 to construct a new intersection the drivers will have to stop after less than half a mile due to the traffic light at the intersection with Lumpkin Campground. This will slow their drive and in a way negate the effect of the new intersection that is being built.

I hope the GDOT will start the survey and get some feedback from the public. I have been amazed by the number of roundabouts in Geneva, Switzerland and other European countries which are being used instead of traffic lights or just Stop signs.

Using roundabouts is a better way to save money on electric bills and makes the flow smooth and at the same time saves time for all commuters.

I think that GDOT is going in the right direction by replacing Stop signs/traffic lights with roundabouts. Better late than never.
Syed Riaz Ahmed