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Roads need signs for safer travel
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It is my feeling that a great injustice has been done to a former county employee.


I feel I have to speak up because he is one of the hardest, calmest workers I know. That is his demeanor for the past approximately nine years I have worked with him.


Also, he is one of the nicest people I know. He certainly does not deserve to lose his license or his job over this terrible tragedy.


There needs to be signs “to slow down” on both sides of the park entrance a long way from the entrance on Hwy. 9, where the two low-grade hills start.


The Veterans Memorial Park entrance sets in a low area between the two low-grade hills. 


Those low-grade hills slant and causes people to be sometimes traveling very fast without noticing it on Hwy. 9.


I can’t help but feel that accident was nobody’s fault due to the terrain. 


I feel for this lady and baby, but I still feel an injustice has been done.


There have been numerous accidents at that entrance due to the terrain. I saw a motorcycle lay down when it came over the hill too fast and someone was coming out of the park.


Another time I came up Hwy. 136 onto Hwy. 9. I had to pull my car over on the side of the road and walk to work on Hwy. 9 to clock in, then go back later to get my car when all the cars cleared, because of another motorcycle accident at the Veterans Memorial Park entrance.


For everyone’s safety: There is a 45 mph sign that needs changed to 25 mph on Hwy. 9. It also needs a sign saying: “Traffic entering highway —slow for traffic at Veterans Park.”


There needs to be a “traffic entering highway” sign on each side of the park so people will slow down when needed.  


From the Veterans Memorial Park entrance it is not possible to know what is coming over that blind hill to the left, whether it is a slow vehicle or a fast vehicle.


I hope this in someway helps the former employee, as well as gets some safety signs up too.


I wish I had gotten the opportunity to speak sooner.



Felecia Padgett