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Park a positive economic move
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Many thanks to all of you who are proponents of the Atlanta Motorsports Park.  With your support and the vision of the developer our community will thrive with new opportunities and growth.


I truly am a resident of and for Dawsonville.  I would like to say that I welcome this proposed new addition to our city. Who out there isn’t monitoring the reports of our floundering economy? Why would you ask that this project be kicked to the curb or sent packing? Does everyone you know have employment?


If you are observant you’ll see that Dawsonville could use a boost in prosperity.  


Were it not for the outlet mall and the prosperous corridor of businesses that it spawned, our tiny town would scarcely exist. 


I expect this business to inject renewed fervor and enthusiasm into our sputtering climate. I am proud AMP has chosen Dawsonville because it has a genuine love of the automobile and a history that proves it.


This project will bring jobs to our town and the promise of ancillary businesses that will augment his creation.


The taxes generated by this project alone will pay for much needed improvements and additions to our infrastructure. All of this is a positive to me.


While nothing is truly recession proof, this business is a step toward a financial upswing for our community.


Ideally, people often refuse change, but change is essential and this is positive change. It promotes growth and prosperity, not avarice and carelessness.


We will be recognized as a city with keen imagination, supporting “green” projects (The only green project to date in Dawson County) and thoughtful insight not just the hospitality for which we are already known. We need to extend the olive branch to this business and the team and bring his vision to fruition.


I love my family too and I have made new friends as well.  Some of these new friends are not just locals.


They are neighbors from all around who have disposable incomes and want to spend their money in our town.


 Although I may never become a member of this proposed club, that doesn’t mean I need to oppose it. This is not science, its math. The developer’s dollars plus our citizens equals — economic growth.


Stephen Caldwell