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More questions than answers
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Ms. Bette Holland’s (Democratic Party Co-Chair) Letter to the Editor touts the wonders of Obamacare, while denigrating attempts to repeal it by people who were elected to do that very thing. As facts in Obamacare slowly ooze out, I shudder as I recall Nancy Pelosi’s comment, “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in the bill.”


History should keep from making the same mistakes of the past. Most government programs fail due to the fact that government isn’t a business and their standards for performance are virtually nonexistent. Instead of correcting misdirected efforts, they throw more money at failed efforts.


Obamacare offers more questions than answers. Why would anyone believe 25-30 million additional people could be covered for Obamacare at no additional cost? Why do I have to pay taxes for 10 years, but only get coverage for seven?


Why are some of the costs hidden in other areas of the budget?


What’s this about the President promising we could keep our present coverage?


Why am I forced to buy Obamacare and can face fines and time in jail if I don’t succumb, yet the Obama administration grants 220 healthcare reform waivers to unions, corporations, and non-profit organizations affecting 1.5 million workers?


The Obama administration is moving in the totalitarian direction: It’s who you know, rather than whether you are duty-bound to obey the law.


Some companies get waivers, while others don’t. New York State’s United Federation of Teachers shielded 315,000 members, while the smallest corporation shielded eight.


Forty-four unions were granted waivers that contributed heavily to democrats and the Obama campaign, including SEIU. Is this really the end of the rule of law in our system of government?


There is no tooth fairy. When the law requires insurance companies to cover more, or eliminate lifetime caps and annual caps on what they’ll pay out when you’re sick, you have to pay more. I also wonder why the very lawmakers who sat on this rotten egg and hatched it, are exempt from it. Could someone give me some answers?


Bob Turpen