Forsyth County hires this Dawson County judge as its assistant county manager
Tarnacki has served as a magistrate judge in Dawson County since 2009.
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Letter to the Editor: Slings and Arrows
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By Gary Pichon

I feel for President Trump. Every day someone is rocking him or sticking him with the sharp barb of criticism. It does not improve his disposition. It does not help that he is a man that will not suffer in silence. He hits back.

The Jesus story about turning the other cheek again and again must not have been high on the list of boyhood stories he heard. That teaching has been one of the hard ones for me to follow. Still is.

I was a little skinny kid and turning the other cheek every day caused me to be the butt of the normal meanness of another boy. On the day that I thought I had turned my toleration cheek enough my life took a big change. The bully wanted no more when we finished the physical argument. It was a lesson that stuck with me. My toleration level is pretty low and does not come close to 490 or the seventy times seven.

President Trump has only one cheek. That seems to match the profile of most of my New York friends. My best efforts at multiple cheeks is maybe three but more like two.

The President is trying and that is good enough for me. He is a natural-born optimist and may be really wrong on his projection of the future. That is better than saying millions will die and civilization will not recover for years and years. This sickness looks like it will be worse than the optimists projected. In the end it may be that we will all get it. Some will die with it. Millions could perish. The future is unknown to any of us.

There are no guaranteed happy endings. In the meantime, if you hit Trump he will hit back. If you don’t like the boxing ring, do not climb in.