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Ken Newell did much for Dawson County
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I had the pleasure of knowing Ken Newell for the past eight years. Ken was a well-liked and respected man, and had a real love for the people of Dawson County.

He thought Dawson County was the best place to live. He often stopped by to talk with me about K.A.R.E for Kids and RIC Rack. We could talk for hours about the future of the nonprofits. If he had an idea for improvement, he couldn't wait to share it with me.

It was his desire to see the non-profits continue to improve, work more efficiently, and always be able to serve the needs of Dawson County families. His interest and ideas were encouraging, and his wealth of knowledge was an inspiration.

I can see him today wearing his elf hat helping give out toys to families at Christmas, delivering turkeys for families' Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and taking meals to Rock Creek Park to feed children during the summer months. There are many memories of his generous and abundant love for our community.

Most people do not realize how much Ken Newell did for Dawson County.

This is how I will always remember Ken Newell - good friend, mentor and a remarkable human being. I will truly miss him.

Calvin Byrd

K.A.R.E. for Kids president