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It is our duty to vote
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As you know, well as some of you know, on Nov. 8, there was an election held in the city to elect two council members and pass or reject alcohol sales on Sunday within the city.

But only 264 ballots were cast voting for city council members out of 1,104 registered voters within the city.

To me and others this means that there were 840 other registered voters who don't care or are too lazy to get out and vote.

Yes I said lazy, too sorry to take 10 minutes out of their life and vote.

I'm not hurt because I lost. I'm hurt because only 264 people got out and did their civic duty.

If the truth was known most of those 264 voters were family or close friends. This is a shame and embarrassing to the public.

It takes less than 10 minutes to go by and vote. It takes more time to go to the store for beer, cigarettes or milk and bread. I'm shocked that so many don't care about what happens in the city they live and work in.

So I say that if our mayor and council plan to do something you might not like, such as an airport or race track, not do something you might want, then only 264 people have the right to voice their opinion and the rest need to stay at home and shut up.

I don't always agree with the mayor or council, but they all know I voted have that right to voice my opinion and they will listen.

The mayor and council have their duties to perform and you the very few have given them this privilege.

Like I said, I may not like what they do at times, but I do respect their opinions and decisions.

I'm not a sore loser, but it does bother me when people don't vote. It's your city and community and county you have the say, so not the government when you vote.

You may agree or disagree with me, but if you don't get out maybe one time in two years to vote, no matter how or who you vote for, then stay at home and don't complain.

Who says this, I say this.

Frank Craft