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If you havent already, you should
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For this week, I really wanted to tackle a political issue, but that can wait a bit.

Time is passing for some local events that, if you haven't already done so, I hope you will consider.

The "sludge issue," for instance, has been and is still in the forefront of local news.

If Dawson County can't stop it, the State EPD may grant a permit to allow Waterscapes LLC to spread Class B sewer sludge on an area at the corner of Lumpkin Campground and Harry Sosebee roads.

Our local officials and a number of organizations are working to have this permit denied. You may have already signed a petition requesting such denial, but you can also contact your legislators, even Gov. Nathan Deal, to apply pressure.

Much appreciation is due to Jane Graves, president of our homeowners association, not only for making us aware of this problem, but also for getting about 3,000 signatures for the petition to stop it.

Bowen Arts Center has been sponsoring several unusual events and workshops, and there are more to come. If you haven't already learned about them, contact the arts center for a calendar and information.

A number of ladies are looking forward to Giving Goes Glam, the Sept. 29 Luncheon and Fashion Show sponsored by the Dawson County Woman's Club.

Those gals have prepared a fabulous event, and there may be a few tickets left.

If you want to check, try Linda Bostick's e-mail at

I understand that there are also absolutely wonderful silent auction items.

In case country music brings you pleasure, you should know about the "jam session" at the Dawson County Senior Center on Friday nights, as well as string-playing groups on most Wednesday and Friday mornings at McDonalds. No reservations or cover charge, you can just drop by - if you can find a parking place.

Our new, young and enthusiastic chamber of commerce president has made a good impression, especially by lauding agri-tourism.

Teenagers and families with children are enjoying the fall in corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

Fundraising barbecues and fall festivals are beginning to pop up all over the area. And soon we will all be reveling in autumn scenery.

If you are reading this column, that means you have access to one or both of our local newspapers. So there is no excuse for not being aware of the Dawson County Humane Society and other fun fundraisers, several different golf tournaments and other opportunities that should capture your interest.

You have no doubt noticed that many of my suggestions are aimed at the older (even retired) population, because that is what I know most about.

I don't even try to keep up with school activities anymore, but they are available, enjoyable and important. But then you know that.

Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.