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Home of the Bully Burger under lockdown
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Over the years I've heard many people say: "Gordon Pirkle is rich, he makes all kind of money."

Which might have been true if he had not given so much over the years.

No matter what kind of event is going on, Gordon has done and given everything he can.

By getting up at 4 a.m. to set up for your event, staying all day and then repacking that night.

And now I hear people saying they're "Tired of all the people saying ‘oh no not the Pool Room'" and then saying that the stuff you do will catch up to you.

But what if you're doing everything right. He thought for many years everything was paid.

He has been working to resolve this issue for quite some time now.

The last time he talked with the state, they told him he owed $30,000. Then the state comes in and takes everything out from under him and says he now owes $43,000 and $40,000 in fees.

This does not just affect the Pool Room, but our entire family, his employees and the community.

My Papa has given charity to everyone he has come in contact with.

The "stuff" he was doing was supporting charities, baseball teams, football teams, weddings, funerals, the entire fourth grade every year, and anyone that needed help and couldn't afford it.

Every one of us has been helped by Gordon Pirkle.

Whether you were just getting out of jail and wanted a cup of coffee, needed a job, couldn't wait to be in the fourth grade, had food provided for your sports team, or had a death in your family. He has done so much to keep Dawsonville alive.

Gordon Pirkle is my grandfather, but as you all know he is the "Grandfather of Dawsonville."

He has given so much to the Dawson County community.

As most of you may have heard the state has seized the Dawsonville Pool Room.

The sad part is this is like being put into debtor's prison, before you even get a trial, can't open our business to work and make money, 12 people have lost their jobs and will apply for unemployment ... and the government will have to pay.

He lives for the Pool Room, Thunder Road and Dawsonville. He cares so much for Dawson County, the people in it and its racing history.

The Dawsonville Pool Room is part of racing history.

An account has been set up with First Citizens Bank of Georgia to "Save the Pool Room" to help Gordon with what's actually unfair.

You can call First Citizens at (706) 216-5900 to make a donation or drop it in the night deposit.

If you wish to mail your checks the address is P.O. Box 809, Dawsonville, GA 30534 Attn: Marsha or Chryl.

More information will be posted soon on the Pool Room Facebook page,

Also coming are benefit motorcycle rides, car shows, concerts and several other things. If you can help out in anyway, let us know.

Jordan Reece