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Dont stop the peanuts
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I am a new face to the Dawsonville Community and love it here. 


The first friendly face I learned of in this area, aside from my neighbor, was that of Ronnie Hester. I would see him every weekend as we came and went from the home we were remodeling. 


He always waved and had a smile on his face. Ronnie was one of the first impressions that I had and made of this community.


I have stopped several times to buy peanuts from Ronnie and his peanut cart was clean, well-kept and the peanuts were great. 


At the times I have stopped to buy from Ronnie I have also learned some about the schools I was to place my children in and the local places to eat. 


Ronnie has always had the most positive things to say about this community and the things he has told me have all been correct. My family loves it here. The schools are tops and the people are wonderful. We could not be happy in a community anywhere else.


So I say, that I can understand the Dawsonville City Council not wanting vendors to sell more than peanuts, but to completely do away with them would be a loss to the community.


Hansi Holloway