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Commissioners made the wrong decision
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This letter is in response to the anger of many Dawson County taxpayers over Commissioners Jimmy Hamby, Julie Hughes Nix, and Sharon Fausett voting down an agreement with Etowah Water and Sewer Authority for the installation of adequate "water lines and fire hydrants" as noted in the Dawson News May 11 article.

Since fire protection is the responsibility of Dawson County officials, the issues and implications are clear. First, the existing water lines and hydrants are not in any way adequate for fire protection of our homes. Second, these commissioners don't seem to understand the importance of their sworn duty to "to provide necessary services to safeguard the well-being of the citizens" and chose to ignore citizens at the public meeting.

The proposed agreement of $5,000 to purchase and install the hydrants appears very reasonable after researching costs at the national level and within similar Georgia counties. To subsequently raise concerns over future costs, availability of funds or duration of the agreement is without merit and a mere deflection.

The proposal includes terms for cost renegotiation, termination for convenience and frequent reviews of short term commitments based on county development plans.

Costs will double, if hydrants and water lines are not deployed concurrently. Etowah is starting construction near term.

To argue that not all citizens will benefit is ridiculous.

Do we really expect all roads to be paved concurrently or all citizens to benefit from infrastructure or a park?

The American public has voiced intolerance for "politics as usual" and the lack of transparency.

We expect that local elected officials present realistic objections and resolve the matter with Etowah expeditiously and in good faith.

Otherwise, we will waste more time and money considering lawsuits or ethics violations toward those responsible.

    Doug Schuster