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Letter to the editor: What Do Democrats Stand For?

By Bette Holland of Dawson County

Democrats stand for freedom, opportunity and security.  Some people have a different idea of what we value. They obviously don’t understand the meaning of some of the terms they bandy around to try to bring fear to their readers, friends, and neighbors. They say they are “Trumpers”, so I guess that is where they get their need to lie and make false statements about other people, as that is what Trump does multiple times a day.

Democrats value freedom. That includes freedom from fear that your leaders do not follow the rule of law and that they believe they can do anything even if it is against the law because they are above the law. Our US Senate took that freedom away from us when they voted not to convict Trump on the impeachment charges.

We stand for Opportunity.  That means everyone in the country should have an equal opportunity to thrive and raise a family in America. Under Trump that hasn’t happened. The rich have gotten richer and left the rest of America struggling to make ends meet. That is why we must defeat Trump and his enabling US Senators this fall. One writer said he is so much better off than he was in 2008.  That is because President Obama brought the economy back from the worst recession since the great depression (created by Republican George Bush) and handed Trump a stable economy. That economy is now on the brink of bankruptcy—something Trump knows a lot about.

We stand for security. Not just at home but also in dealing with foreign governments. Trump has proven that he admires authoritarian leaders—Kim Jon Un, Putin, Turkey Prime Minister Erdoğan, Saudi Arabia Prince bin Salman--more than the leaders of Democratic societies. And he believes he can commit acts of aggression without consulting the US Congress. He doesn’t believe in our Constitution which calls for 3 equal branches of government. He is an authoritarian leader, tending towards oligarchy and fascism. His recklessness has brought us to the brink of war, threatening global stability and the security of US interests both at home and abroad.

The so-called Trumpers don’t mind Trump's lies to the American people—lies in ads at the Super Bowl, lies to Congress, lies in the State of the Union. Since they don’t mind, they do it too! Time to bring truth and honesty back to our government—time to “Dump Trump”.