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Letter to the Editor: Stay informed and go vote

In 2020 we will be voting for president and using our voting rights to vote for what is important to us. Georgia will also be using new voting machines and have new laws that pertain to how Georgians vote.  It will be especially helpful to stay informed, educate yourself, and take personal responsibility for protecting your right to vote. Registering to vote and checking your voter status often is important.  Make sure you update your status with any changes so that you don’t have any problems voting.

The Presidential Preference Primary Election (PPP) and special election is on March 24, 2020.  You must be registered to vote by February 24, 2020, in order to vote in that election and special election runoff.   The 2020 PPP is part of the nominating process for the United States presidential elections. In the PPP, registered voters express their preference for the presidential candidate for the candidate they would like to see representing their party on the General Election ballot on November 3, 2020.

My Voter Page is an easy way to register to vote, or check and update your voter status, locate your polling place, request an absentee ballot and find key elections dates. The website is You can also download the free GA Votes app from the Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone.  If you need assistance, call your Elections & Voters Registration office. For Dawson County you can reach them at 706-344-3640. They are knowledgeable and happy to help you.

Registered voters can also vote by absentee ballot. Voters can request an absentee ballot at the My Voter Page or you can request an absentee ballot through the Elections & Voters Registration Office.  Ballots may be requested any time between 180 days prior to the election and the end of the business day on the Friday before Election Day. Under State law, ballots cannot be mailed to you on the day prior to Election Day.  The county registrar’s office will mail your ballot after the application is approved and ballots are available. Your county registrar must receive your absentee ballots by the close of business on Election Day so mail it early or hand carry it to the registrar’s office on Election Day.  And please make sure that you read and follow the exact instructions for completing an absentee ballot.  If you want or need to vote absentee do not wait till the last minute, you should be requesting your ballot now.

Stay informed and go vote.


Marie Head

Big Canoe