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Letter to the Editor: Removal of a President

Since before President Trump took office the Democrats have been hollering that he is “not fit for the office” and they made their intentions clear from the start that they wished him and the vice president removed. They have used the bureaucrats within the government to aid them in them in their work. Some of the spooks, the military, the FBI, the state department and other agencies of the government have joined the swamp which wants Mr. Trump gone because they cannot persuade him to do what they think is right and proper for the country. 

The Constitution gives the power to the House for bringing charges of impeachment.   High Crimes and Misdemeanors are not defined.  Nor are any of the rules of law for due process required.  The House is a grand jury that does not have any constraints upon it.  It can make up its own rules and can impeach because they do not like the color of his tie.

The House will have to answer to the voters and the voters can approve by reelecting them or disapprove by throwing them out the next election.

The Senate will try the case but they are not constrained by any normal rules either.  They are not like a regular jury in a superior court.  Whatever they decide, the voters will ultimately decide about them come the next senate elections.

Did the president withhold federal money from Ukraine with the intent to get the Biden family, one of which might be his opponent in a general election, investigated for corruption?   Even if that happened, is that a high crime or misdemeanor requiring that Mr. Trump be forced from the office?  Some will say yes and some will say no. I say no because it is a minor event in my mind. I do not think he was wise to even approach the subject but it is not a major criminal transgression worthy of removal from office.

My guess is that the House will impeach and the Senate will acquit.  This seems to be more about the next election than an attempt to enforce laws.  If the motive of the House is enforcement it is certainly selective enforcement.  In the meantime the big problems facing us will fester until some real crisis arrives on our door step.

Just so you know. I wear a red Trump hat, not because I think he is the greatest president ever but because the Democratic field of candidates is too far beyond the bounds for my consideration.  They are a bunch of far left socialists and Mr. Trump is not. Pretty simple.

Gary Pichon

Marble Hill