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Letter to the Editor: Climate change a huge risk to humanity's future
I was interested to read recently published letters on climate change from both sides of the aisle. Therein lies the problem-the subject is too often politicized rather than analyzed via a scientific impartial view. We know politicians are beholden to their financial supporters which influences their decisions. Having worked in the nuclear power industry I confess to some personal bias in supporting that technology proposed by one writer. I also agree that a strong military is important; having also worked on military projects it surprised me that our military branch firmly recognizes climate change and are actively dealing with the risks of as a matter of national security particularly at the coastal ports. As to whether greenhouse gas increase and consequent climate change is entirely natural or impacted by human activity, it is certainly a combination of both. However approximately 97 percent of climatologists agree that the human contribution is significant and climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities, according to

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