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Repaving of Dawson County High School track approved by BOE
track 1

The Dawson County Board of Education has approved a repaving project for the Dawson High School athletic track. 

According to Scott Morgan, director of facilities and maintenance with Dawson County Schools, the entire track will be resurfaced with a turf mixture of rubber and polyresin. 

Morgan said that Field Turf of Calhoun, which previously installed artificial turf on the school’s football field, will be working on the track. The project is tentatively scheduled start in early June. 

track 2
- photo by Jacob Smith

A track’s normal lifespan is around seven years, Morgan said, and that’s how long this current track has been used at Dawson County High School for track and field, cross country and physical education classes during the school day. 

“Looking back to before our current track, we are very blessed,” Track and Field Head Coach Arron Haynes said. “This is a large part of why we travel so little during the season and why we host region so often, people just want to come to Dawson County to compete.”

Haynes said that he is very excited to get the track repaved at this time and so are his track athletes. 

“It needed to be repaved pretty badly,” Dawson County Athlete Ryan Crews said. “The rubber was tearing everywhere and it was uneven.”

Even if the project isn’t by June, the Track and Field teams will still be able to play next season with the current track, Haynes said. 

“At the moment, our track is still better than what many schools have, however there are some bare spots starting to appear,” Haynes said. “It’s just time like with any surface that is used as much as it is.”