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Katelynn Simpson signs with Andrew College to play softball
S-Katelynn Simpson Signing pic
Coaches and family came out to support Katelynn Simpson Feb. 17 as she signed to play softball for Andrew College. Pictured standing, from left: Assistant Principal Brody Hughes, Coach Jimmy Pruett, Coach Steve Sweat. Seated, from left, are Wendy Mcginnis, and the Simpson family: Kelly, Katelynn, John and Samantha. - photo by Amy French Dawson County News

"We don't normally do this but we don't normally have an athlete that excels in multiple sports," said Dawson County High School Athletic Director Grady Turner during the signing for softball player Katelynn Simpson.

Friends and family heard from softball, basketball and track coaches all testifying to the ability of Simpson as she accepted an offer from Andrew College in Cuthbert, Ga., Feb. 17.

"The proof is in the puddin'," said Head Basketball Coach Steve Sweat. "If you work, you get something for it. It's pretty obvious. We've seen Katelynn do all this stuff and she never takes the time off, a day off. She goes from softball to basketball to track and then starts over again."

Simpson started softball and basketball through park and rec when she was 9 years old. She began track during her freshman year-going to state each of the years since, setting a couple of records along the way.

Softball, however, is her first love.

"Growing up, softball has been the one sport that was more natural," Simpson said. "Basketball helped me become tougher in a way and helped me appreciate softball. Track helped me become faster and was just a different way for me to branch out."

Simpson's parents, Kelly and John Simpson, are big proponents of staying active regardless of the sport.

"I have always been a big believer, with John, that staying active is a healthy body and a healthy mind," Kelly Simpson said. "It keeps you out of trouble.

"We have always told our children that winning isn't everything, just doing everything you can to be the best you are and go for what you want."

"I am very proud of her and I hope she understands that," said John Simpson.

Head Softball Coach Jimmy Pruett says he's been blessed to have talented players who are also good people and that Simpson is no exception.

"Her talent--I think she has just tapped the surface," Pruett said. "She's really athletic and just a really sweet kid too. I am just so happy for her. I am not exaggerating when I say she is really sweet."

Simpson plans to take her softball career as far as possible.

"I had several options to take, but I knew if I chose Andrew it would give me more opportunities in the future," Simpson said of her choice. "I want to see where it takes me."