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Jacob Smith hired as Dawson County News sports reporter
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith, the new Dawson County News sports reporter - photo by Alexander Popp

Dawson County News recently hired University of North Georgia student and freelance reporter Jacob Smith as the newspaper’s new part time sports reporter.

On Friday, DCN Editor Alexander Popp said that the newspaper has already reaped the benefits of Smith’s reporting skills, using the UNG student as a freelancer during the search for a permanent sports reporter.

During that hiring process, Smith distinguished himself greatly and made it clear he was the right person for the job, Popp said.

“Though still a student at UNG, Jacob has already proven himself to be a talented and capable young sports reporter,” he said. “Even as just a freelancer, Jacob began making relationships with players and coaches, so we’re excited to see the coverage he’s going to bring the community.”

Prior to his hire at DCN Smith worked for the UNG student newspaper, The Vanguard, where he covered sports and news from the North Georgia area.

Smith, a native of Suwanee, said that he has always been interested in baseball and basketball, and with his new position he’s able to share that interest with the world.

"I couldn't be more excited about my new position,” Smith said.  I've known my entire life that I wanted my career to be centered around sports." 

Contact Smith with story ideas and news tips at or by calling (706) 265 3384