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Space Jam, Hoosiers and Remember the Titans: Dawson County coaches share their favorite sports movies to watch during quarantine
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Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

Over a month into quarantine due to COVID-19 and live sports have become extinct.

Not only are Dawson County High School sports canceled for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, but the vast majority of professional sports have postponed or canceled for the remainder of this season.

Sports junkies have been limited to watching esports, reruns of favorite game moments and binging on the vast library of classic sports movies.

This week the Dawson County News talked with some of Dawson County High School’s coaches to find out what sports movies they have been watching during the COVID-19 stay at home period.

Dawson County High School Principal Brody Hughes

“My favorite sports movie is The Sandlot.  I love the movie because of the American Nostalgia in the film.  Everything from 1960's July fourth celebrations to the mystic images of Babe Ruth.  In the end, Vinny faces his fear and becomes a legend in the eyes of his friends.  The whole movie just makes you feel good.”

Lady Tigers Basketball Head Coach Steve Sweat

“My favorite sports movie is Hoosiers. It is about basketball, it is about coaching basketball, it is about a team from a small town, the school is small, the community is very supportive, and the coach cares about his players and school. Sounds like Dawson County to me! I don't watch many movies but I have watched and will watch this one many times!”

Lady Tigers Tennis Head Coach Stephanie Gibbs

“I absolutely love sports movies.  I can't name one favorite because it's a tie between The Replacements and Remember the Titans.  I am always rooting for the underdog so these are perfect for me.”

Tigers Soccer Head Coach Patrick Muenchen

“My favorite movie is A Knights Tale.  The setting is in England during the Renaissance and the sport is sword fighting and jousting.  The main character William (Heath Ledger) is a pauper who changes "his stars" destiny by posing as a knight and becoming very successful.  It is a great story on overcoming your circumstances and giving everything you got to achieve your destiny.”

Dawson County Athletic Director Jason Gibson

“Hoosiers. It’s a great story about the underdog fighting through adversity and coming out on top.”

Tigers Tennis Head Coach Logan Allen

“For favorite sports movie, I'll go with Remember The Titans. I remember watching that as a middle schooler and thought it was a very inspiring movie. Also, you can't beat Denzel Washington as an actor.”

Tigers Baseball Head Coach Dwayne Sapp

“I have lots of sports movies that I can watch over and over for many reasons, but Field of Dreams is probably my favorite.  I think the simple act of playing catch with my sons is one of my favorite memories I have with my two boys. Just talking to them while we play catch. We can almost talk about anything and enjoy each other's company while doing something we love. “