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DCHS football prepares for upcoming season, looks to continue state playoff streak
The voluntary summer practices the football team has hosted are a time for players to maintain physical form. - photo by Rio White

With just under a month until mandatory practices begin for the upcoming season, the Dawson County football team has been holding voluntary practice and workout sessions during the summer.

Head coach Sid Maxwell has plenty to think over as the team looks to adjust to roster changes, particularly on offense.

With juniors and sophomores making up the bulk of the team, preseason preparation can be important in determining how the team will operate.

The first major test of that will come during a contact camp later this week where the 3A Tigers will go up against 6A and 7A football teams to test their resolve and perseverance.

For Maxwell, this experience will show which players can exhibit the tenacity needed when the challenges of the regular season schedule come up. 

“I want to see who can compete. If we can build a team, we’ve got to see who attacks,” Maxwell said. “I don’t care if they win or lose. Do they have any fight? I can build on fight.” 

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That fighting character will be needed for the Tigers to continue their success under Maxwell, who has led Dawson County to seven consecutive playoff appearances and six trips past the first round. 

The Tigers offense will be looking to shape its identity over the next two months before the season begins. - photo by Rio White

For all of that success, the head coach also mentioned that he is actively working with the team to avoid any slip into complacency.

He does this by utilizing a five-phase plan he has used for his entire coaching career. This year-long plan combines sustained physical fitness and ‘football IQ’ to help the team remain focused on the long-term goal of making the state playoffs annually. 

More recently, Maxwell has been doing some summer learning of his own, recently attending an athletic development symposium where he was able to learn about training methods and technologies used around the world. 

“You can always pick up one or two things to make your kids more athletic,” Maxwell said. “If you stay the same you’ll be the same, so I’d rather make sure we try to develop our athletes the best we can. If you don’t change with the times, you're going to get caught up.”

While the offense is looking for its identity at the moment, the defense has many returning players. This consistency will be important in the non-region portion of the season, especially in the challenging games against Jackson County and Lambert.

Full practice begins on Monday, July 25, and the regular season begins at home on Friday, August 19, against Jackson County.