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Dawson County and beyond
Brandon Monkus hopes to play as long as he can
S-Brandon Monkus pic
Brandon Monkus. - photo by Amy French

Dawson County graduate from the Class of 2016, Brandon Monkus, is playing catcher for the Andrew College baseball team. He took some time to answer questions about his collegiate career and his plans for the future.

How has your athletic career been so far at Andrew College?
Pretty good. Going into my first year, I had to adjust quite a bit, but once you get used to it, you just go back to your instincts.

What position are you playing?
I am catching at Andrew.

How difficult is it to manage your schedule with classes and athletics?
It is not too difficult. You learn that your grades have to come first, and our coaches are pretty strict with it as well so they help us out.

What is the atmosphere like at the collegiate level versus high school level?
It is a lot different. The game is faster for say, everyone around you knows the game and has played most their lives, so it brings a different kind of energy, speed and mindset to the game.

What about the level of competition?
To go along with the previous question, because most everyone in college has played for a long time the skill set is better. You get there to realize that everyone is good and you have to work even harder to prove that you have what it takes, and deserve to play.

How did your experience at Dawson County impact your collegiate career?
Tremendously. My coaches through high school at Dawson County really helped to push me to be the best that I could be. No matter what the sport or the coach, they all equally made me a better athlete physically and mentally to prepare me for college.

Would you change anything if you could? If so, what?
Actually no. Everything I've done has put me at this point and place so you just have to show what you've got.

What has been the best part of your time at Andrew? Both individually and as a team?
Just the new friends and family I've made through the new coaches and teammates. They are people I'll never forget.

What are you studying?
Business Administration and Finance.

What would you like to do when you graduate?
Hopefully to be a project manager for a company one day.

Do you get back to Dawsonville much?
I try to take advantage of every chance I get to come home.

Do you miss it?
Yes. Dawsonville will always be my home so I'll always miss it.

What is the off season like for you?
Really just to stay in shape and train hard, and get ready to go in the fall to play some more ball.

What are your career goals?
Hopefully to move on to a bigger school after my sophomore year, and play as long as I can.