Two others accused in alleged armed robbery linked to Hannah Bender murder case
Two people charged in Hannah Bender’s 2019 murder case, Isaac Huff and Bailey Williams, were recently accused of being parties to an alleged armed robbery in which Austin Todd Stryker was also implicated.
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“Brotherly Love”: Schuette brothers lead by example for DCHS wrestling
Kincaid Schuette holding his St. Pius X Catholic opponent to the ground while he waits for the referee to approve his pin on Jan. 9. - photo by Jacob Smith

With the high level of intensity and physicality that wrestling requires, it's not hard to imagine that small arguments or scuffles could break out during practice. 

Colton Schuette holds his opponent in place while he waits for the ref to signal his victory during the January 2 match against Chestatee High School. - photo by Jacob Smith

Add when you throw a family dynamic into the picture and a fight is almost bound to happen. But with brothers Kincaid and Colton Schuette, teammates on the Dawson County High School wrestling team, tempers never seem to flare when the two are on the mat. 

“To be honest with you, I’ve had to coach siblings that are much, much worse,” Tigers head wrestling coach Arron Haynes said. “Their personalities push each other further. There’s a sibling rivalry but they work well together. Could definitely call it ‘brotherly love.’” 

Kincaid, a rising senior, said it is easy to forget that his brother is on the team when the team is in the flow of practice.

“It’s cool,” Kincaid said. “Sometimes...sometimes it’s aggravating. Especially when you’re the captain, and he wants to smart off.” 

Colton said all last season his goal was to just make it as far as his older brother in the state tournament. Both Schuette brothers wrestled into the fourth round of the state tournament and are eager to get back to the tournament next year with one goal in mind: finish in the top six of their weight class. 

Haynes said he believes both boys have the talent to be top wrestlers in the state. 

“Their styles of wrestling are completely different, but both are effective,” Haynes said. “Kincaid is quite technical in his style whereas Colton is going to try to brawl through a match. The fact that they are wrestling against each other in practices helps them perfect their offensive and defensive moves against a different style.”

With one more year left getting to be teammates, Kincaid said that he knows his brother is going to carve his own path and become a “king” at the school, but that is not going to stop him from spending his last year as the big brother. 

“Sometimes I might see something and throw it out there, but that don’t mean he’s gonna listen,” Kincaid said. “On a good day, we’re friends. Bad day, we’re butting heads and want to slit each other’s throats.”

Colton said he finds pride in the fact that they are feared on the wrestling mat and is excited to be a part of the team with his older brother. 

“Knowing that we can go out there and get the team a lot of wins and that our team can count on us to do that is special,” Colton said.