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Alumni Spotlight: Kaylee Sticker with Clemson women’s basketball
Kaylee Sticker
Sticker during her freshman year at Clemson University. - photo by Photo submitted

Kaylee Sticker, former four-year varsity starter for the Dawson County Lady Tigers basketball team, has finished her first season with the University of Clemson Women’s Basketball team.

On Tuesday, March 5, after upsetting the University of Miami the day before, Clemson was eliminated in the second round of the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC) tournament against Boston College, with the final score of 85-73.

“This season I felt like our team accomplished a lot by connecting with each other and presenting room to grow for next year,” Sticker said.

Now, instead of staying on Clemson’s campus and continuing workouts for next season as a team, Sticker is back at home in Dawsonville after Clemson closed its campus due to growing concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19.

This phenomenon of college athletes coming back home and being off of their normal routine is happening all over the country as colleges and universities shut their doors until the Center for Disease Control approves large meetings can happen again.

“During the outbreak of Corona I will continue to work out in any gym I can get in and complete some body weight workouts,” Sticker said. “Nutrition is very important for our team and overall just taking care of our bodies until we are allowed back on campus.”

During the season, Sticker said a typical day could consist of class, tutoring, an individual workout, practice and either team weights or a team meeting.

Now, with every member of the team spread back out all over the country, Sticker said the team is trying their hardest to stay connected, while still practicing social distancing.

“We will have online team meetings by the week and we communicate over text and facetime with each other every day,” Sticker said. “Our family-based team will always stay connected.”

Sticker said that staying on a routine schedule will always be the most important part of her success while back home.

“During this time period, I will stick to a similar schedule and try to keep everything on track,” Sticker said. “Waking up for my 8 a.m. to keep in touch with my professor and complete workouts throughout the week.”

Sticker said that the team does not even want to consider getting in the mindset that their next season could be potentially delayed or terminated completely. Though she would much rather still be at the school with her team, she does not mind coming home to Dawsonville.

“Dawson has always been behind me and supported me in athletics and academics,” Sticker said. “The people I’ve meet in Dawsonville will always have a positive impact on my game and the reason I work.”

Though the Clemson Tigers women’s basketball team finished with an 8-23 record, Sticker said it’s wins like their 71-55 victory over Notre Dame in Indiana that shows her truly what kind of potential her team has moving forward.

“I’m extremely excited for next year and the experience I have going into the season,” Sticker said. “People can expect me to play with my whole heart. I’m just grateful for the opportunity and the team I’m surrounded by.”

The 2020-2021 schedule for Sticker and the rest of the team has not been released yet.