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TNT Fireworks launches safety campaign focusing on safe disposal of fireworks after the celebration

TNT Fireworks, one of the largest distributors of consumer fireworks in the U.S., has launched a new 2022 safety campaign focusing on how to safely dispose of fireworks after the show is over. 

According to a press release by the company, “Let Your Fireworks Take a Bath” reminds consumers to soak their fireworks in a bucket of water after use. The campaign encourages consumers to save and reuse household “gray water” and use it to soak used fireworks overnight after the show is over. 

“Instead of draining your tub, scoop out a large bucket of water and use it to soak your used fireworks this Fourth of July,” TNT Fireworks President Carson Anderson said in the release. “Or, if you are more of a shower person, you can place a bucket in your shower to catch extra water.” 

According to the release, once used fireworks have cooled, consumers should completely submerge them in a bucket of water and soak them until they are thoroughly saturated. Smaller used fireworks should soak for at least an hour, and larger ones may need to soak as long as overnight. 

TNT Fireworks promotes three key messages to help ensure a safe Fourth of July, the release added. 

  • Be Safe: Be selective about where fireworks will be set off. The safest place is a dry, flat surface away from structures, dry grass or trees. Always make sure to read and follow the instructions on each state-approved firework. 

  • Stay Legal: Follow all local firework laws and remember to use common sense. 

  • Act Responsibly: Have a sober adult present and handling the fireworks display, be considerate of noise concerns for neighbors or pets, have a hose ready and soak fireworks overnight after the show and make sure to clean up the display area after. 

For more information and to read TNT Fireworks’ full list of safety tips, go to