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Wade sworn in as Georgia District 9 State House Rep.
Will Wade Swearing-in 01-19-21
State Rep. Will Wade and dozens of other new legislators were sworn in at the Georgia State Capitol on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. Photos submitted to the Dawson County News.

Dawson County businessman and former Board of Education member Will Wade has been sworn in as the new State Representative serving Georgia House District 9. 

Wade, along with 19 other new House members and 11 new state senators took the oath of office on the first day of the 2021 legislative session on Jan. 11, during a series of swearing-in ceremonies held in COVID-19 safe conditions at the state capitol. 

Speaking to the Dawson County News last week, Wade said that while the swearing-in was much more subdued this session, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was glad to finally be at the capitol getting down to business. 

“Yesterday was a great day, It was a nice brisk morning in Atlanta Georgia. I was blessed to be able to have my wife there and we were able to be sworn in socially distanced, wearing our masks, and it was a little bit different than what most past State Reps. prior to this year, were able to experience,” Wade said. 

With his wife Jennifer to hold the bible for his oath of office, Wade and 45 others were sworn in by Chief Judge Brenda S. Weaver of the Appalachian Judicial Circuit.

Coming out of a turbulent election season and events of the week prior, when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol, Wade said that he was heartened by the message of unity and healing that was shared by Georgia state Rep. Randy Nix (R-LaGrange) who served as “Chaplain of the Day” for the swearing-in. 

"It was about the fact that we can disagree without being quick to anger," Wade said "The chaplain of the day brought the message of, ‘Let's try to build back to all those things that we do agree on, that we are thankful for.’ That was a good way to start the session." 

Wade acknowledged that a lot has happened, both in Georgia and at the national level, since the Nov. 3 General Election, but said that his priorities still come down to, “protecting the health and safety of both individuals and families."

"For me, the priorities ultimately remain the same, we have to deal with this pandemic, we have to continually monitor the effects on the larger economy, as well as the micro-economy in rural districts like ours," he said. "And figure out how to balance the safety and health of people physically, but also their fiscal health and their business's health."