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BOC to discuss fiscal impacts of Dawson County land use at meeting Thursday
Dawson County Commissioners 2021

At the Dawson County Board of Commissioners’ work session on Thursday, July 15, commissioners are set to hear a presentation on the fiscal impact of land use in Dawson County. 

According to an agenda packet for the meeting, the commissioners will hear a fiscal impact report prepared by Georgia Tech’s Center for Economic Development Research. 

The report included in the agenda packet states that since 2000, Dawson County’s population has grown by more than 60 percent, making it the 13th fastest growing county in the state. 

“In addition to population growth, the county is experiencing rapid job growth,” the report states. “Total employment in Dawson has more than doubled since 2000 – an even faster growth rate than population and the 9th fastest rate of job growth in the state over the period.”

The report states that with the county’s increased residential growth, the average cost of providing local government services exceeds the average revenue generated by residential development.

Residential property, according to the study, costs on average $1.16 for every $1 generated, while commercial or industrial property costs only $0.30 for every $1 generated. With the costs of local schools included in the analysis, residential land in Dawson County reportedly costs $1.25 for every $1 of revenue generated. 

“In other words, on average, any house valued at less than $431,100 is not covering the cost of the county services,” the report states. “In May 2021, the median sales price of a home in Dawson County was $370K … far less than the break-even value.”

In addition to this presentation, commissioners will discuss the following items at the work session and voting session.

  • Presentation of results from the FY 2020 audit.

  • Presentation of Capital Improvements Element annual update.

  • Presentation of review of Dawson County Employee Handbook's Paid Time Off Policy.

  • Presentation of an intergovernmental agreement with the city of Dawsonville concerning the Howser Mill Road construction project.

  • Consideration to move forward with a public hearing for a Timber Harvest Ordinance Update.

  • Ratification of an emergency purchase for installation of a new commercial hot water heater at Dawson County Fire Station 1.

Commissioners will also hear the following rezoning requests. 

  • SU 21-02 - Robert Garner requests a special use of TMP 078-001-002 for the purpose of placing a mobile home on less than 5 acres in a RA (Residential Agriculture) zoning.

  • VR 21-12 - Sal Rincione on behalf of Crave BBQ requests to vary from the Dawson County Alcohol Ordinance Chapter 6 Article II Section 6.31 - Poured alcoholic beverages shall be transported from point of dispensing to the customer by permitted employees only - for the purpose of operating a self-serving beer wall.

  • ZA 21-08 - Jim King requests to rezone 30.48 acres of TMP 114-033-005 from RA (Residential Agriculture) to RMF (Residential Multi-Family) for the purpose of developing a 145 semi-attached residential neighborhood.

  • ZA 21-11 - Jim King requests to rezone 23.11 acres of TMP 114-033-005, 114-018, 114-033-001 and 114-046-001 from RA (Residential Agriculture) and CCB (Commercial Community Business) to CHB (Commercial Highway Business) for the purpose of building a retail/office/warehouse space.

  • ZA 21-12 - Martin Labaca requests to rezone TMP 076-126 from RSR (Residential Sub-Rural) to RA (Residential Agriculture) for the purpose of downzoning the parcel.