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UNG’s Cottrell MBA to be offered online starting this fall

Starting this fall, the University of North Georgia (UNG) will offer its Cottrell Master of Business Administration (MBA) program online for new students. 

According to a press release by the university, the decision to offer the program online was driven by the number of alumni who wanted a second degree from the school but don’t live near one of the campuses. 

“We have been closely watching what is happening with other MBA programs across the country and know that the only way to grow our program is to make the move to online,” Mary Gowan, dean of the Mike Cottrell College of Business (MCBB), said in the release. “I’ve talked to a number of deans around the country who have had great success with such a move, so we are paying close attention to lessons we can learn from their journeys to make sure we have the resources lined up for success.”

Students enrolled in the program will earn 32 credits for the general MBA and 36 credits for the MBA with a graduate certificate specialization. The university offers graduate certificates in cybersecurity, entrepreneurship and innovation and technology leadership.

According to the release, offering the MBA program online will open it up to a more diverse group of students from all walks of life. 

“We are moving the program online in order to meet the needs of working professionals who need flexibility and also to make the program available to prospective students around the country and around the world, including UNG alumni,” Wendy Walker, associate dean for faculty and graduate programs, said in the release. “This also can build the diversity of our classes, helping students to learn in an environment that better reflects the environments in which most of us work every day.” 

The advanced degree provides students with functional knowledge in a variety of business fields, as well as skills like analytics, ethical decision-making and professionalism. According to the release, the Cottrell MBA is one of the best values in the state and provides a variety of networking opportunities, relevant coursework and competitive pricing. 

“An MBA can benefit students by improving their leadership and decision-making skills so that they can be more of an asset to their current organizations and have more leverage in the job market,” Walker said in the release. “The MBA exposes students to new business challenges and experiences. Working with classmates from other industries and companies to solve problems helps them develop into better strategic thinkers.” 

Since the Cottrell MBA started in 2008, over 300 students have graduated from the program.