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Dawson County Board of Education approves $1000 supplement for employees
Board of Education Sign.JPG
The Board of Education building at 28 Main Street. - photo by Jessica Taylor

During the Nov. 9 meeting of the Dawson County Board of Education, board members approved a one-time $1000 supplement for all school system employees who have been with the system since Sept. 1, 2021. 

According to Superintendent Damon Gibbs, the supplement will be put into employee’s December paychecks as a way of thanking them for all of their hard work so far this year. 

“Our team has really been strong this fall under pretty difficult circumstances, and we’re just extremely appreciative,” Gibbs said at the meeting. “So tonight I’m asking the board to approve a one-time $1000 supplement for all team members that have been actively working since Sept. 1.” 

Board members approved the supplement immediately and unanimously, prompting looks of happy surprise and clapping from the principals and other school staff in attendance at the meeting. The board members  took time to personally thank the employees in attendance for their work in serving the children in the school system. 

“It’s a Christmas present from all of us,” Chairwoman Elaine Wilson said. “You do it for the right reasons for our kids — we wish we could do more, but we’re so happy we could do that much.” 

Board member Doris Cook thanked employees for not only their effort so far this year, but also for their effort last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Thank y’all for all that you’ve done; as Dr. Gibbs said it’s been a hard year, really a hard two years, so thank y’all so much,” Cook said. 

Board member Karen Armstrong said she was glad the board was able to approve a tangible thank-you to the system’s employees, and told the principals in attendance to pass on the board’s sincere thanks to the employees who weren’t at the meeting in person. 

“We do appreciate you, and we’re so glad that we can do something to say thanks,” Armstrong said. “Thank you in words is nice but a little something monetary is always welcome — so let everybody know how much we really and truly appreciate them.”