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COVID-19 cases on the rise at Dawson County School System
Board of Education Sign.JPG
The Board of Education building at 28 Main Street. - photo by Jessica Taylor

The number of reported positive cases of students and staff within the Dawson County School System are on the rise.

The school system released a chart on its website accounting for the reported positive cases throughout the entire school system on Friday, Aug. 13. Through last week, 21 students and seven staff members had reported positive cases of COVID-19. 

The 28 reported positive cases is the most reported by the school system since the first week of February 2021, when approximately 20 students and staff were reported positive, according to the 2020-2021 COVID Data on the school system’s website. 

Robinson Elementary saw the highest number of cases, with four students and three staff members reporting positive cases. Dawson County High School had the most reported positive cases amongst students with six, which is also the highest percentage of the student body at all the Dawson County schools.

Dawson County Junior High School reported four students with positive tests. Three students and one staff member at Kilough Elementary reported positive cases. The lowest number was Riverview Elementary, with just one student and zero staff members reported positive. 

Overall, 0.55 percent of students and 1.30 percent of staff in the school system tested positive last week.Enrollment is slightly above 3,800 throughout the entire school system, which is approximately a 4.4 percent increase from the 2020-2021 school year, according to Dawson County Schools Superintendent Damon Gibbs. 

Along with the statistics reported, the school system released the following statement: 

“When we are notified of a positive COVID-19 case by a parent/guardian or the Department of Public Health, our goal is to inform you that your child was in class, on a bus, or in an extracurricular school-related group with a student or staff member with a positive case.

“Unlike last year, when we sent notifications to only individuals deemed to be in close contact, we are sending notices to the entire class, bus and extracurricular groups this year. Since we are not quarantining healthy students, this process gives parents an option to make the best decisions for their families.