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Senior judge appointed in Daniel Lee Roberts’ 2021 case
State asks for bond to be revoked in defendant’s pending cases
new courthouse
The Dawson County Government Center is located at 25 Justice Way in downtown Dawsonville.
A senior judge has been appointed in the case of the Dawsonville man accused in the 2021 death of Kaleb Duckworth, and state prosecutors have motioned to revoke the defendant’s bonds in both of his pending cases, according to court documents filed in Dawson County. The Honorable David T. Emerson of Douglas County will preside over the case of 21-year-old Daniel Lee Roberts, who allegedly fatally injured 19-year-old Duckworth during a fight at the Dawson County Applebee’s on July 25, 2021. Roberts also stands accused of allegedly threatening a teenage friend of Duckworth’s and assaulting that teen with a vehicle in May, for which he was subsequently arrested. He has additionally been charged with alleged aggravated assault in a 2019 case. Earlier last month, lawyers for Roberts requested a change of venue for his 2021 case, given the publicity on social media and in multiple DCN articles. As of now, a fall trial is still predicted for this criminal case.