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Dawson man faces charges of family violence, cruelty to animals

One man remains in custody after he was booked into jail last week on charges relating to domestic violence. 

Cody Edward Hutchison, 29, of Dawsonville was arrested on Dec. 29 by the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. His charges include one count each of battery related to family violence, cruelty to children in the third degree, cruelty to animals, criminal damage to property in the second degree and obstruction of an officer. 

The criminal damage to property charge is a felony. DCSO arrested Hutchison at about 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 29. 

Warrants alleged that Hutchison slapped the victim multiple times, giving her a swollen jaw and eyes. A child saw Hutchison slap the victim.  

The felony warrant alleged that Hutchison smashed a snake terrarium containing the victim’s pet boa constrictor onto the floor. He also allegedly smashed a 35-inch television against the wall, kicked a 45-inch TV and smashed a dining room chair on the floor before throwing it through the living room window. Damages were estimated to exceed $500. 

When a deputy told him he would be arrested for family violence, Hutchison allegedly tried to run on foot, which landed him with the obstruction charge. 

A little over four months ago, Hutchison pleaded guilty to a similar sequence of crimes that transpired between June 28 and July 4, 2020. 

According to warrants, he slapped and grabbed the victim before smashing two rear windows and the windshield of her car and breaking off the car’s key in the ignition. 

He also swung a machete toward her before locking her in a barn for six hours and refusing to let her leave, alleged the warrants. 

He was arrested for those offenses five months after they occurred, in December 2020. 

Then in June 2021, before that case concluded, DCSO arrested Hutchison for trespassing on land while intending to access a storage unit that was not his own. 

On August 23, he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, criminal trespass, battery and simple battery relating to family violence. For the June 2021 offenses, he admitted to obstruction of an officer and loitering or prowling. 

For the December 2020 case, Hutchison was sentenced to nine months in confinement with credit for six of those months. For the lesser June 2020 offenses, he got 30 days with time served. 

Though his bond amount is listed as $16,700, Hutchison is still behind bars at the Dawson County Detention Center.