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United Way at 70 percent of goal
Organization making final campaign appeals
6 United Way pic
With just over two weeks left in the United Way for Dawson County’s 2009 fundraising campaign, Dawson County Rotary Club President Tom French, left, presents United Way board members Ann Williams and Herb Burnsed with a $1,000 check from the club. - photo by Photo/Michele Hester

The United Way for Dawson County is approaching the last few weeks of its $100,009 campaign drive for 2009.


Currently at 70 percent of its goal, the United Way will be making final campaign appeals and asking people to “dig deep” for the next two and a half weeks to push toward achieving the goal.


The 2009 fundraising campaign will end Jan. 31, the deadline for all contributions and pledges.


“We appreciate everyone that has contributed to us thus far,” said campaign chairman Newsom Cummings.


“Some of our biggest contributors in the past have felt the pinch of the economy and haven’t been able to give as much,” he added. “The agencies that we support are hurting more than the rest of us during these economic times and are in greater need as compared to the past. This campaign has been much like a double-edged sword.”


With tough economic times, the need for assistance is greater than in the past, said United Way board member and past campaign chair Herb Burnsed.


“The amount and number of contributions are down this year, which makes for a troubling scenario,” he said.


Burnsed said that the United Way had reached 90 percent of its goal at this time last year.


“Construction and building companies that have been big contributors in the past have been hurt from the adverse economic situation, and they have cut back,” he added.


This is the sixth campaign for the United Way for Dawson County.


“We have been able to reach our goal every year, and we have high hopes that we will be able to achieve it this year,” said board member Taylor Wallace. “It has been difficult, but we are still confident.”


The money raised through this campaign will be donated to benefit citizens and organizations within Dawson County.


The American Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Dawson County 4-H, Family Connection and Challenged Child are just a few of the organizations that have received donations from past United Way campaigns.


Once the campaign is complete, the allocation committee will see a presentation from each of the partnering agencies that will include how their business is run, what their biggest needs are and financial status.


A combination of United Way board members and volunteer citizens, the allocation committee, will determine how many organizations will receive money and the amount of each donation.


For more information on donating to United Way, call Taylor Wallace at  (678) 410-6495 or the United Way office at (770) 781-4110.


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