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"Underground Railroad" show to film at Lumpkin Campground
I-Campmeeting pic 4.JPG
For 188 years, Lumpkin Campground has served as a special worship place during the annual weeklong campmeeting held over the summer before the start of the school year. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Big Indie Pictures, a New York City-based film production company which has been involved with films like “Manchester by the Sea” and “Thoroughbreds,” is going to be filming at Lumpkin Campground in late January.

According to Dawson County Fire and Emergency Services Director Danny Thompson, “they do have one scene that involves pyrotechnics, and they consulted with us and we’ve worked with their pyrotechnics, their special effects crew, their safety standby people. We will also have additional units dedicated just to that event that will cost the taxpayers no money. That will be covered by the production company.”

Thompson and representatives from the production company met with owners of the tents at Lumpkin Campground to make sure everyone was aware of what would be happening during filming.

“There will be no burning down of any of the tents,” Thompson assured Dawson County News reporters by phone. The scenes involving burning seem to be contained to additional constructs put in place by the production crew and made to look older.

Thompson also dismissed concerns over any damage the use of the historic site might pose.

“Here’s what I’ve learned over the years, and I’ve worked with a lot of these production companies on shoots, usually, the place looks better when they leave.”

“Underground Railroad” does not yet have a projected release date, but a limited cast list has been revealed. While it is unclear which actors will be involved in filming in Dawson County, Joel Edgerton of “The Gift” and “Great Gatsby,” Amber Gray of “The Weekend,” and William Jackson Harper of “The Good Place” and “Midsommer” are all involved with the project.

Filming is planned for the week of January 20, but the dates are weather-dependent.