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Spring in full swing
Weather ideal for school break
2 Spring Break pic 1
Joe Nichelson pitches to Zach Dunford while playing baseball at Rock Creek Park on Monday. Students and parents are taking advantage of the nice weather during spring break week. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

For the first time in months, Dawson County is finally being treated to seasonally appropriate weather. And it arrives just in time for spring break, which runs through Friday.

With the weather warm and school out for a week, kids are flocking to local parks such as Rock Creek and Veterans Memorial to enjoy the warmth and free time.

Students such as Zach Dunford have been taking advantage of the weather with outdoor activities such as baseball with friends at Rock Creek Park.

"The weather is great," he said. "The break is great and it's good to get out."

After a bitterly cold winter, the forecast for this week calls for warm temperatures and no chance of showers until Thursday.

"I'm glad the good weather is here in time for spring break," said Nancy Dreger, who was at Veterans Memorial Park with her great-grandchildren, Hannah and Trey Reser. "Otherwise, they would be in the house all day. It's very hard to keep them busy when it's nasty out."

But for Logan Heard, it's all about taking in the sun while he can.

"It's all about the baseball," he said excitedly. "I want to play as much as I can before going back to school."

While rain is in the forecast for the weekend, skies will be clear and sunny for the next few days. After scattered showers Thursday and Friday, the weather is supposed to clear up over the weekend, with clouds and warmer temperatures.

After spring break, students will not have another day off from school until summer vacation, which is in seven weeks.

This is due to the inclement weather make-up schedule, which saw schools open during usually off hours in order to meet the necessary amount of yearly attendance days, after having been closed for nearly two weeks due to winter weather.

This is the same make-up schedule that saw students attending classes until 3 p.m. all March.

Students will also be required to be at school on April 7, which was initially an inclement weather day.