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Rep. Doug Collins visits local fifth graders
Doug Collins
Congressman Doug Collins greets fifth graders at Kilough Elementary School Oct. 2. - photo by For the Dawson County News

Congressman Doug Collins stopped by Kilough Elementary School last Wednesday to talk to fifth graders about what it’s like to be a legislator.

Fifth grade teacher Amy Tankersley invited Collins to speak to her class on Oct. 2 where he talked with the students about government and policy-making.

“He was super personable,” Tankersley said. “He was super interactive. He asked the kids questions. He did a little activity where they pretended that they were going to pass a law and had to them all vote like they were members of the House of Representatives.”

Tankersley said her students enjoyed getting to meet their United States representative. Collins has represented the 9th District of Georgia which includes Dawson County since 2013.

“They thought it was the coolest thing that he talks to the president on the phone on a semi-regular basis and that he’s met like five or six presidents,” Tankersley said. “He did a really great job.”

It’s not the first time Tankersley has had guest speakers in her classroom. Last year she had George Washington and a Revolutionary War reenactor come speak to her fourth grade class. She said she would gladly invite Collins back to talk to her students.

“It was really educational. It tied in with our standards, and he had a good message too. He talked about how he’s friends with other congressmen who have very different opinions than him and how they can still work together to solve problems,” Tankersley said. “I thought that was a really cool message for the kids, how he was like ‘just because you have a different opinion doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a bad person’ and he talked about how they can work together.”