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Local Friends of Recovery begins
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A local non-profit that provides support for those on the road to recovery now has a home in Dawson County.


With headquarters in Hall County, officials with Friends of Recovery agreed to begin a separate branch in Dawson County to help those in recovery programs run through drug and DUI court.


Dawson County Friends of Recovery Chairman Arlene McClure said those involved in recovery programs “will be able to benefit directly from having the community awareness that Friends of Recovery will raise.”


Friends of Recovery organizes fundraisers and assists those going through the DUI track, which is mandatory for habitual violators, as well as those in the drug program. Both give violators an opportunity to avoid a jury trial “and turn their lives around.”


McClure said having a location in Dawson County will make it easier for those looking to make a contribution.


“It is so important to help these people,” McClure said. “For one reason or another, these people became addicted. They didn’t wake up one day and decide they were going to be a drug addict.”


Added McClure: “We feel anything we can do to help with public awareness to see the benefits of this program to support these people is positive,” she said. “Drug addiction is an illness.”


For more information about the local branch of Friends of Recovery, call (706) 265-8425.