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Request to annex weighed
Council considers island property
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A piece of property in the Gold Creek subdivision could soon become part of Dawsonville, though Dawson County has opposed the annexation.

The property on Gold Bullion Drive West was bought in 2012 by Michael and Nancy Eason, who at the time thought they were moving into the city.

"We are on an island in the county. We would like to get off the island and into the city," Michael Eason told city council Monday night.

Last month, the Easons filed a petition to have their lot on Gold Bullion Drive West annexed into the city, a request the Dawson County commission opposed in a 3-0 vote during a recent meeting. District 3 Commissioner Jimmy Hamby was unable to attend.

"I should note for the record that the county objected to this," said City Attorney Dana Miles. "My partner, Mr. [Kevin] Tallant sent a response to the county to their objections."

In a letter to the city from County Attorney Joey Homans, the county cites a disagreement in the zoning that "permits an increase in density" as well as lack of parallel zoning between the two government entities.

"The proposed PUD classification ... permits combination of land uses, including residential and non-residential uses," the letter states. "The proposed change in zoning ... will result in a substantial change in the intensity of the allowable use of the property ... by the county's comprehensive land use plan."

However, the Easons claim that the land would be kept as is, with no density changes.

"We have no intention of putting any more homes on that property. We want to keep it a single-family home," Eason said. "We would like to be a part of the city. We like the close relationship with public officials. Nothing wrong with the county, but there are just a lot more people there."

The Easons then took the matter before the city's planning board, which recommended the city council approve it.

"These lots essentially constitute an island because they are surrounded by property owned by the city," said Dawsonville Planning Commissioner Ken Breeden. "I'm glad that they want to annex and I hope their neighbors want to, as well."

It was a sentiment echoed by the city council during its meeting.

"This land is an unincorporated island in the city. By Georgia law, we are supposed to take those pieces of property into the city," said Dawsonville Mayor James Grogan. "We've got quite a few more. We're going to follow the law and welcome in some new neighbors."

For the Easons, it's a matter they want to see settled not for politics, but for peace of mind.

"We feel like we're isolated and we want to keep our home just as it is," Eason said. "We just want to be members of the city of Dawsonville."

Council did not take any action on the request Monday night. It likely will vote on the matter March 3 after a second public hearing.