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Eagle Scout projects proposed to upgrade Dawsonville’s Main Street Park
Playground 1
On Tuesday, June 16, city officials welcomed the first group of youngsters to use the playground facility at Main Street Park, officially opening it to the public. - photo by Submitted

At the Dawsonville City Council meeting on Oct. 19, council members heard presentations by two Eagle Scout candidates, discussed the upcoming Mountain Moonshine Festival and recognized City Clerk Beverly Banister for earning her Georgia clerk certification. 

Eagle Scout presentations 

Two local Boy Scouts presented their ideas for Eagle Scout projects, that would add a dog park area and a connector nature trail to Main Street Park in Dawsonville.  

During his presentation, Eagle Scout candidate Christopher Hartley said that his idea for a dog park at Main Street Park would include several newly planted trees, new benches, signs and ramps, and installation of sanitation stations and water spigots. 

According to Hartley, the park would be 200 feet by 175 feet and would have separate halves to accommodate both larger dogs and smaller dogs. 

Hartley will be building the park’s signs, ramps and jumps himself and will raise money to fund the rest of the project.

Eagle Scout candidate Austin Wood also presented his project idea to build a trail connecting Main Street Park to the library. 

Wood said that his idea would involve building a bridge over a small ravine, and would allow pedestrians to see both sides of the forest. 

At the end of the presentations, City Manager Bob Bolz said that he has been working closely with both scouts to help them continue moving their project ideas forward. 

Mountain Moonshine discussion

The council discussed a brief update to the 53rd annual Mountain Moonshine Festival, which will take place from Friday, Oct. 23 to Sunday, Oct. 25. 

Eason said that he and the council have been working closely with K.A.R.E. for Kids over the last several weeks to make sure the event goes as planned. 

“The main positive thing that has happened for our community is that we’re gonna be able to keep Hwy. 53 open,” Eason said. “If you haven’t been in town on a weekend lately, the leaf traffic is horrible so it’ll make it a whole lot easier on everyone.” 

Council Member Stephen Tolson said that after meeting with K.A.R.E. for Kids last week, they now know that the festival has filled up with vendors, and most of the festival space is set to be used. 

“I believe they said they have 120 vendors as of the end of last week, and they’ve utilized the majority of the areas that we’ve provided,”  Tolson said. “Due diligence dictates that we’ll continue to communicate with them and at some point towards the end of this week we’ll get some final numbers from them and see what else the city can do for them.” 

City clerk recognition

City Clerk Beverly Banister was recognized at the meeting for completing over 100 hours of coursework to become a Georgia Certified Clerk. 

Banister was presented with an official plaque honoring her accomplishment by the city council. 

“We’re really proud that you were able to achieve that,” Eason said to Banister at the meeting. “That’s not something that every clerk in the state is able to do.” 

Vaping and tobacco use resolution

Eason presented to the council members with the Tar Wars Resolution, an effort by a country-wide group aimed at educating children on the dangers of smoking and vaping. 

“The Board of Education has agreed to have them come in and provide instruction in this matter to help the children understand the consequences from smoking and vaping,” Eason said. “We think it’s a great thing; there was a dramatic increase here in Dawsonville of the number of uses of vaping. It’s a wonderful thing that they’re doing with our children.” 

Council members unanimously approved the vaping and tobacco use resolution.