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Dawson County Board of Commissioners
Regular meeting agenda, 6 p.m. Sept. 16 at city hall
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A. Roll Call


B. Opening Presentation: School Board Health Clinic - Jeanne Edwards


C. Pledge of Allegiance


D. Announcements


E. Approval of Minutes


• Minutes of regular commission meeting held on Sept. 2, 2010


F. Approval of the Agenda


G. Public Comment (3 minute limit/person 15 minutes maximum)


• None


H. Alcohol License Hearings


• None


I. Zoning


• None


J. Public Hearings


1. Budget FY2011 (3rd of 3 hearings)


2. CIE Update (1st of 1 hearing)


K. Old Business


• None


L. New Business


1. Proclamation: Clean Water Month


2. GA 400 Garden Feasibility Study (tabled from 09/02/10)


3. Approval to hold Public Hearings on Parade/Assembly Ordinance Update


4. Approval of CIE Update


M. Adjournment


N. Public Comment