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Dawson County Board of Commissioners
Regular meeting agenda, 6 p.m. Sept. 2 at city hall
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A. Roll call


B. Opening presentation - 2010 Citizens Academy - Cathy Brooks  


C. Pledge of Allegiance


D. Announcements


E. Approval of minutes


• Minutes of regular commission meeting held on Aug. 19


F. Approval of the Agenda


G. Public comment (three minute limit/person 15 minutes maximum)


• None


H. Alcohol license hearings


• None


I. Zoning


• None


J. Public hearings


1. Budget FY2011-2013 (2nd of 3 hearings)


K. Old business


• None


L. New business


1. Approval of citizens corp grant


2. Acceptance of Holcomb Road Bridge bid


3. Ga. 400 Garden Feasibility Study Update


4. Board of Commissioners Request to Georgia Department of Transportation to Extend school zone


5. Intergovernmental Agreement between Dawson County and the Georgia Secretary of State for Elections Equipment


6. Approval of Mitigation Credits Agreement


M. Adjournment


N. Public comment