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Commissioners need more time with sign ordinance
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After much discussion over proposed changes to the Dawson County sign ordinance, the board of commissioners decided to hold off on a vote for another month.


Many spoke their piece at the regular commission meeting April 7, including commissioners, business owners and concerned residents.


On the table is a proposed overhaul of the current sign codes, a matter commissioners have discussed during two public hearings now.


Potential changes could include increasing the number of signs on buildings and enlarging the size of signs in an effort to promote business along the Ga. 400 corridor.


The size of signs in residential neighborhoods could also increase.

Dawson County resident Pepper Pettit voiced his concerns at the gathering.


“Think about our county as a bunch of different sections,” Pettit told commissioners. “When we talk about signs, one size does not fit all.”


Pettit said that while adjustments to some signs on 400 are necessary, the commission should tread carefully.


“What some of us are worried about is that we don’t make those same adjustments in certain residential areas,” he said. “I just worry about keeping the flavor of residential neighborhoods.”


Commissioner Gary Pichon said: “Clearly, we need to do a little more work.”


The commission voted 4-0 to hold another public hearing at 6 p.m. May 19, at which time the board could approve the sign ordinance.


The meeting will be held in the G.L. Pete Gilleland Chambers at city hall, 415 Hwy. 53 East.