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City sewers getting upgrade
Could extend life 50 years
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Sewer lines in the city of Dawsonville are in the process of having their life expectancy improved by about 50 years.


City officials said last week sewer lines in downtown Dawsonville are being upgraded with a new sewer PVC lining, which is intended to last about five decades.


The current lines, which were first installed in the 1960s, are in dire need of an upgrade, said Gary Barr, who oversees water and sewer for the city.


“This lining will increase the shelf life while it also keeps us from having to tear pipes out and put new ones in,” Barr said.


“This way we keep downtown the way it is without having to tear up roads.”


The sewer line improvements will be paid for by a grant the city received several years ago to upgrade the city’s wastewater treatment center.


Construction of the facility came in under budget.


The project is expected to cost about $500,000 Barr said.


The city council voted 4-0 to allow the sewer line  upgrades to be made with the remaining funds.


Barr said the improvements should be complete within the next week.